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Basic Immunology

Артикул NF0015858




Под ред. Л.В. Ганковской, Л.С. Намазовой-Барановой







505 руб. 880 руб.

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This manual is a presentation of the basics of General Immunology: the structure of the immune systemand the common rules of its functioning. Up-to-date characteristics of the main mechanisms of innate andadaptive immunity are also discussed. Separate chapters are devoted to the characterization of immune cells,differentiation of T- and B-lymphocytes, cytokines and antibodies. The structure and functions of the humanmajor histocompatibility complex and features of the development of immune reactions are described in greaterdetail.In addition, this manual contains a list of questions for self-control testing and has plenty of illustrationsto facilitate focused learning. This structure of the manual will help students to highlight important aspects ofImmunology as a discipline and to gain fundamental knowledge in all studied processes, as well as to achievebetter understanding, help organize, bring focus and structure into the study.

Manual is intended for students of Medical Universities studying “Immunology” as a discipline in theEnglish language, under specialty code 05.31.01 “General Medicine”.The publication is a translation from the Russian of the updated version of the first chapter of the textbook”Basic Immunology for dentists” published by Paediatrician Publishers in 2019.

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