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Neurosurgical Intensive Care

Артикул NF0003793




Javed Siddiqi







5910 руб.

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This unique book presents an authoritative guide to the medical and surgical management of complex neurosurgical problems encountered in the critical care setting. It provides straightforward summaries of each stage of patient care, guiding the reader through initial assessment, including ordering the appropriate lab work, triage procedures, such as how to manage patients with multi-system injuries, and sedation and pain management.

The book also covers important nursing and medical-legal issues related to neurosurgical intensive care. Features: · Guidance on how to manage systemic complications, diseases, and infections · Practical review of concepts in neuropharmacology and nutrition, and procedures for fluid management and ventilator management · Select case examples throughout the book that supplement discussion of the decision-making process · Recommendations for communicating with and caring for the families of neurosurgical intensive care unit patients.

This comprehensive book provides a wealth of information that is essential for neurosurgeons, intensive care unit nurses, house staff, nurse practitioners, physicians, assistants, residents at all levels, and medical students. Table of contents

1) Introduction to Neurosurgical ICU

2) Bedside exam in Neuro ICU

3) Homeostatic Mechanisms inv the NeuroICU patient

4) Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Funfamentals

5) Fluids, Electrolytes, Acid-Base Balance

6) Neuroimaging the Neuro ICU Patient

7) Labwork: what, when, how often?

8) Neuropharmacology

9) Sedation and Pain Management in the NeuroICU Patient

10) Cerebrospinal Fluid Dynamics and Pathology (including Pneumocephalus)

11) Ventilator Management

12) Neurophysiology in the NeuroICU: Options/Indications/Interpretation

13) Seizure Disorders: Diagnosis Management-

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