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Proton therapy

Артикул NF0003739




Metz J.M.







6130 руб.

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Proton Therapy: Proton therapy is a promising new technology in radiation medicine. This issue of Radiation Medicine Rounds provides a comprehensive review for practitioners on the current status of proton therapy, its scientific basis and current clinical applications along with reviews of the available clinical evidence, discussions of costs and technology development, and reviews of the issues in establishing a proton therapy center and the future development of proton therapy as a tool in clinical practice, both in academic centers and its future potential in community practice. About the Series: Radiation Medicine Rounds is an invited review publication providing a thorough analysis of new scientific, technologic, and clinical advances in all areas of radiation medicine. There is an emphasis throughout on multidisciplinary approaches to the specialty, as well as on quality and outcomes analysis. Published three times a year Radiation Medicine Rounds provides authoritative, thorough assessments of a wide range of œhot topics” and emerging new data for the entire specialty of radiation medicine. Features of Radiation Medicine Rounds include: Editorial board of nationally recognized experts across the spectrum of radiation medicine In-depth, up-to-date expert reviews and analysis of major new developments in all areas of Radiation Medicine Issues edited by an authority in specific subject area Focuses on major topics in Radiation Medicine with in-depth articles covering advances in radiation science radiation medicine technology, radiation medicine practice, and assessment of recent quality and outcomes studies Emphasizes multidisciplinary approaches to research and practice ”

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