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Руководство к практическим занятиям по общей хирургии на английском языке

Артикул Q0125278




Гостищев В.К.







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This manual covers the main parts of general surgery such as asepsis and antisepsis; bleeding; bloodtransfusion; the principles of resuscitation and anaesthesia as well as common problems encountered bysurgeons in their everyday practice. Each of the chapters explains what and how a surgeon should do ineach case. The fundamentals of surgery, general principles of clinical examination of patients, major clinicalsymptoms and signs of the commonest surgical conditions are also highlighted.

The manual meets the requirements of the Syllabus for foreign students at medical schools and departments,confirmed by the Russian Federation Health Ministry.

Chapter I. Asepsis add adtisepsis
Chapter II. Adaesthesia
Chapter III. Cardiopulmodary resuscitatiod
Chapter IV. Haemorrhage
Chapter V. Blood tradsfusiod
Chapter VI. Blood compodedts, blood products add dutritiodal support
Chapter VII. Preoperative period
Chapter VIII. Postoperative period
Chapter IX. Guidelides for preoperative care
Chapter X. Trauma
Chapter XI. Suppurative idflammatory diseases
Chapter XII. Tuberculosis of bodes add joidts
Chapter XIII. Decrosis, varicose ulcers add arterial occlusiod
Chapter XIV. Tumours
Chapter XV. Parasitic surgical diseases clues

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