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Sobotta Atlas of Human Anatomy. Volume 2. Trunk, Viscera, Lower

Артикул NF0003726




Putz R., Pabst R.







5950 руб.

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This is the new 14th edition of the classic atlas in English with Latin labels. The new didactic concept:Precise – clear – clinical -for any type of curriculum The entire macroscopic anatomy The two-volume SOBOTTA-Atlas represents the entire macroscopic anatomy in full detail and unequalled quality of the almost 2000 figures. The 22nd edition contains about 200 new figures. Easy to manageAs in the dissection course, the Atlas is organized by body regions – this corresponds to the topics for course attendance certificates. Simple new introductory schemes and general overviews help you to understand the more complex figures and connections – step by step.

Learning for clinical practice from the beginning To facilitate the transfer of anatomical knowledge into clinical practice, the new SOBOTTA is equipped with even more clinical figures, including those made by new imaging techniques (X-ray, MRT, CT etc.), endoscopic images, intraoperative colour photographs of inner organs, pictures from patients with common paralyses and more – designed to be suitable for any type of curriculum.

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