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Surgical and radiologic anatomy for oral implantology

Артикул NF0003770




Louie Al-Faraje







11400 руб.

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There are a number of excellent anatomical atlases and textbooks available to dental clinicians, but often these atlases fail to meet the clinical demands of defining intraoperative structures for oral implantologists because of the overwhelmingly detailed minutia.The aim of this book is to present an adequate amount of anatomical material in a readable and interesting format.

On another note, today’s oral implantologists have the advantage of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) volumetric imaging. This book provides several CBCT images of those anatomical landmarks that usually do not appear on two-dimensional imaging (eg, panoramic, intraoral, and cephalometric radiographs). The CBCT scan technology allows us to visualize the patient’s anatomy and pathology like never before. With these images, we can measure the exact distance available for implant placement under or above certain anatomical landmarks, measure the exact bone density and the precise width of the available alveolar ridge, and select the most suitable locations for the planned implants. This will lead to improved treatment planning and reduced morbidity and will also reduce our liability.

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