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First Aid in Case of Accidents and Emergency Situations. Course book

Артикул NF0005274




Левчук И.П., Костюченко М.В., Назаров А.П.







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Course book highlights nine principle topics of the module “First Aid” as a partof the subject “Health and Safety, Disaster Medicine” and contains key questions foreach part as well as provisional tests for the students’ self-check. This course book canbe helpful for the students taught by means of e-educational systems (including distantlearning).

The course book is designed for the tertiary medical students taught in English aswell as for the foreign students attending classes as a part of the Russian-speaking groups.Besides it can be used as complementary reading by the University students, secondarymedical schools students and medical-college students learning English.

1. First Aid Basic Criteria and Equipment
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Defi nition and the List of First Aid Procedures
1.3. General Principles and Rules of First Aid
1.4. Scope of Fist Aid Measures at Diff erent Kinds of Injury
1.5. First Aid Equipment
Key Questions for Self-Check
2. First Aid for Wounds. Temporary Bleeding Control
2.1. Introduction
2.2. Giving First Aid for Wounds
2.3. First Aid for External Bleeding
2.4. First Aid for Chest and Abdominal Injuries
2.5. First Aid for Bites
2.6. First Aid for Eye Injury
Key Questions for Self-Check
3. First Aid for Fractures and Dislocations. Immobilization
for Transporting. Splints and Bandages
3.1. Introduction
3.2. First Aid for Musculoskeletal Injuries
3.3. First Aid for Injuries to Spinal Column and Pelvic Bones
3.4. Fist Aid for Traumatic Brain Injury
3.5. First Aid for Chest Injuries
Key Questions for Self-Check
4. Principles and Methods of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.
Rescue Breathing and Сhest Compression
4.1. Introduction
4.2. First Aid for Cardiac Arrest
4.2.1. First Aid Algorithm for Respiratory and Circulatory failure
4.2.2. Restoration of Airways Patency
4.2.4. Artifi cial Circulation Maintenance (Close Cardiac Massage)
4.2.5. Artifi cial Lung Ventilation (Rescue Breathing)
4.3. First Aid for Respiratory Disturbances Caused by Foreign Bodies
Penetrating the Upper Airways
Key Questions for Self-Check
5. First Aid in Case of Poisoning and Other Emergencies
5.1. Introduction
5.2. Clinical Signs of Poisoning
5.3. First Aid in Case of Poisoning
5.3.1. Poisoning with Sweetdamp (Carbon Monoxide)
5.3.2. Poisoning with Concentrated Acids and Strong Caustics
5.3.3. In Case of Poisoning with Medicaments and Drugs
5.3.4. Food Toxicoinfection
Key Questions for Self-Check
6. First Aid for Burns
6.1. Introduction
6.2. Burning Injuries, Defi nition and Classifi cation
6.3. Common Clinical Manifestations of Exposure to High Temperatures
and Diagnosis of Burns of Diff erent Etiology
6.4. Burns Caused by Chemical Substances
6.5. First Aid in Case of Burns and Exposure to High Temperatures
Key Questions for Self-Check
7. First Aid in Cases of Frostbite and Overcooling
7.1. Introduction
7.2. Injuries Caused by Exposure to Low Temperatures, Types and
Classifi cation
7.3. Clinical Manifestations of Overcooling
7.4. Clinical Manifestations of Frostbites
7.5. First Aid for Overcooling and Frostbite
Key Questions for Self-Check
8. First Aid for Acute Diseases and Accidents
8.1. Introduction
8.2. Acute Abdominal Viscera Diseases
8.3. First Aid for Internal Hemorrhages
8.4. Nose Bleeding
8.5. Acute Cardiovascular Diseases
8.5.1. Acute Cardiovascular Insuffi ciency
8.5.2. Arterial Thrombosis of Limbs
8.6. Allergic Responses
8.7. Drowning
8.8. Electric Trauma and Atmospheric Electricity Trauma
Key Questions for Self-Check
9. First Aid for Non-occupational Accidents
9.1. Introduction
9.2. First Aid for Wounds Sustained in Everyday Life
9.3. First Aid in Case of Falling From the Height
9.4. First Aid for Burns
9.5. Non-occupational Poisonings and First Aid for Such Cases
Key Questions for Self-Check
Self-Assessment Tests
Provisional Modular Control Test
Case Studies
Answer Keys
Appendix 1. What Is Included in Modern First Aid Kit
Appendix 2. Automated External Defi brillator
Appendix 3. Algorithm of Pediatric Cardiopumlonary Rescusitation
Appendix 4. Algorithm of Cardiopulmonary Rescusitation in Case
of Drowning
Recommended Literature

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