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Textbook of Human Anatomy in 3 vol. Vol. 2. Splanchnology and cardiovascular system

Артикул NF0008321




Колесников Л.Л., Никитюк Д.Б., Клочкова С.В., Стельникова И.Г.







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This book provides essential facts of human anatomy for medical students. It demonstrates the basic knowledge for exam preparation and practice review of visual experiences. Plenty of clear illustrations (more than 900 pictures, radiographic and cross-sectional images) help students memorize the topics of anatomy. Modern imaging technologies allow the depiction of organs and systems in a variety of ways to gain thorough knowledge and to link to the clinical setting. The content of the book corresponds to the Federal Program for medical education.

Material is divided according to systemic anatomy into three volumes. Volume 2 contains information about internal organs development (Respiratory, Urinary, Reproductive, Lymphoid, Cardiovascular systems and Endocrine glands).

General splanchnology
The principles of visceral structure
Special splanchnology
Alimentary system
Development of the alimentary system
The mouth
Oral fi ssure
The oral cavity
Oral vestibule
The oral cavity proper
The tongue
Glands of the mouth
The pharynx
The oesophagus
The stomach
The small intestine
The large intestine
The liver
The gallbladder and bile ducts
The pancreas
The abdominal cavity and peritoneum
Respiratory system
Development of the respiratory system
The nose
The external nose
The nasal cavity
The nasal mucosa
Radiological anatomy
Paranasal sinuses
Radiological anatomy of the sinuses
The larynx
Laryngeal cartilages
Laryngeal joints
Laryngeal muscles
Muscles changing tension of the vocal folds
The wall of the larynx
The laryngeal cavity
Topography of the larynx
Age-related features of the larynx
Radiological anatomy of the larynx
The trachea
Structure of the trachea
Topography of the trachea
Main bronchi
Structure of the bronchi
Topography of bronchi
Radiological anatomy of the trachea and main bronchi
The lungs
Topography of the lungs
Radiological anatomy of the lungs
The thoracic cavity, pleural cavity, mediastinum
Urinary system
Development of urinary organs
The kidney
The ureter
The urinary bladder
Male reproductive system
Development of the male reproductive system
Descent of the testis
The testis
The epididymis
Rudimentary formations of the testis and epididymis
The ductus deferens
The spermatic cord
The seminal vesicles
The prostate
The bulbo-urethral glands
The scrotum
Fascial layers of the testis and spermatic cord
The penis
The male urethra
Female reproductive system
Development of the female reproductive system
Female external genitalia
The female urethra
Female internal genitalia
The ovary
The uterus
The uterine tubes
The vagina
The perineum
Features of the female perineum
Endocrine glands (endocrinology)
General endocrinology
The thyroid gland
The parathyroid glands
The endocrine portion of the pancreas
The pituitary gland
The pineal gland (epiphysis)
The adrenal glands
The genital gonads
Lymphoid (immune) system
Classifi cation
General structure
Functioning of lymphoid (immune) formations
Features of location
Features of ontogenesis
Structural features of lymphoid (immune) organs
Cardiovascular system
General information
Development of the cardiovascular system
Placental circulation
Congenital malformations of the heart and major blood vessels
Regularities of distribution of arteries and veins
Anastomoses and collateral circulation
The heart
Structure of the heart walls
Chambers of the heart
Topography of the heart
Radiological anatomy of the heart
Vessels of the heart
The pericardium
Arteries of the pulmonary circulation (lesser circle)
Arteries of the systemic circulation (greater circle)
The aorta and its branches
The ascending aorta and its branches
The aortic arch and its branches
Arteries of the head and neck
Arteries of the upper limb
The axillary artery and its branches
The brachial artery and its branches
The descending aorta and its branches
Branches of the thoracic aorta
Branches of the abdominal aorta
Iliac arteries and their branches
Arteries of the lower limb
Branches of the femoral artery
Veins (Venous system)
Veins of the pulmonary circulation (lesser circle)
Veins of the systemic circulation (greater circle)
The system of the superior vena cava
Veins of the head and neck
Veins of the upper limb
Veins of the thoracic cage
The system of the inferior vena cava
Abdominal veins
The hepatic portal vein
Pelvic veins
Veins of the lower limb
Lymphatic vessels, trunks and ducts
Development of lymph drainage pathways
Lymph vessels and lymph nodes of the head
Lymph vessels and nodes of the neck
Thoracic lymphatic vessels and nodes
Abdominal lymph vessels and nodes
Pelvic lymph vessels and nodes
Lymph vessels and nodes of the upper limb
Lymph vessels and nodes of the lower limb

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