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Bioethics. Philosophy of preservation of life and preservation of health. Textbook

Артикул NF0021123




Хрусталев Ю.М.







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The textbook represents a modular presentation of ethics, bioethics and biomedical ethics. Its goal is a philosophical interpretation of novel ethical problems in modern health care as a special kind of theory and practice of treatment and prevention of diseases that doctors, pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare workers in the course of their professional activity.
In the textbook bioethics is presented as a new moral thinking and worldview of specialists, which should become the essence and meaning of their creative activity. Historical and ethical material is organically combined with modern philosophical understanding of moral problems arising in the fi eld of protecting life and preserving people’s health, as well as in the intellectual and moral development of a medical specialist.
The key problems of bioethics are set out in accordance with the programs and work plans of classes on the course of bioethics adopted in most medical universities of the country. The innovative content of the textbook makes it useful for students of humanities universities and colleges, as well as for those who are interested in the problems of the evolution of ethics.

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