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Epidemiology. Textbook. ed. N. I

Артикул NF0028158




Под ред. Н.И. Брико







2680 руб.

В наличии

The textbook discusses the fundamentals of general epidemiology, outlines the modern features of epidemiology and the directions of prevention of priority infectious and parasitic, nosocomial and mass noninfectious human diseases. The information on epidemiology and disease prevention is presented with an emphasis on the pathologies that are most relevant for the Russian healthcare due to their high prevalence and social and economic signifi cance.
The textbook is illustrated with numerous diagrams, graphs, tables and consists of two sections: general epidemiology and a special part. There are tasks for self-control after each topic section. In the fi rst section, the characteristics of the main epidemiological concepts are given, the content of the epidemiological method of research is disclosed, the doctrine of the epidemic process is outlined, the epidemiological signifi cance of various sources of the causative agent of infection is highlighted. It also contains examples of the organization and implementation of preventive and anti-epidemic measures, the description of organization of immunoprophylaxis and disinfection. The special section of the textbook contains description of the epidemiological
features of the most signifi cant infectious and non-infectious diseases, infections associated with the provision of medical care, and the principles of protection of a country from the importation of infectious diseases.
The textbook has been prepared in accordance with the federal state educational standards of higher education for the students of medical universities studying the specialties 31.05.01 “General Medicine” and 31.05.02 “Pediatrics”.


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