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Introduction to Dentistry

Артикул NF0009754




Под ред. А.В. Севбитова







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The manual features fundamentals of dental care organization and anatomy of teeth.

The manual contains 17 lessons on issues related to the goals and objectives of dentistry, organization of dental clinics, departments, and offi ces together with description of their equipment, as well as general and special anatomy of teeth, and oral hygiene.

Clinical practice and research performed by the teaching staff of the Dental Faculty of the Sechenov University underlies preparation of the manual. It also includes test problems and control questions on the areas covered in the book.

The manual is intended for dental students and practicing dentists.

Lesson 1. Introduction to dentistry. Goals and objectives of dentistry, its history. Ethics and deontology
Goals and objectives of ethics and deontology in dentistry

Lesson 2. Structure of the specialty, goals and objectives dentistry. Organization of a dental clinic, department, offi ce. Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the organization and equipment of a dental offi ce
Goals and objectives of dental propaedeutics
Organization of dental clinic

Lesson 3. Equipment of the dental office. Types of dental units and handpieces
Equipment of dental offi ce
Dental unit
Dental handpieces
Types of dental handpieces

Lesson 4. Dental instruments for examination and basic treatment
Classifi cation of dental instruments
Instruments for examination
Instruments for tooth preparation
Instruments for tooth fi lling
Instruments for removing dental plaque
Instruments for endodontic treatment

Lesson 5. Disinfection and sterilization

Lesson 6. Safety rules when working with dental equipment. Care and maintenance of dental equipment. Emergency situations in dental practice
Operation and maintenance of dental units

Lesson 7. Dental ergonomics

Lesson 8. General anatomy of teeth. Eruption of permanent teeth. Histological structure, chemical composition and functions of hard dental tissues
Tooth structure
Structure of dental tissues

Lesson 9. Special anatomy of permanent teeth. Dentition. Dental arches and their shape
Occlusion curves
Dental formula

Lesson 10. Special teeth anatomy. Upper incisors
Central upper incisor
Lateral upper incisor

Lesson 11. Special teeth anatomy. Lower incisors
Central lower incisor
Lateral lower incisor

Lesson 12. Special teeth anatomy. Canines
Upper canine
Lower canine

Lesson 13. Special teeth anatomy. Upper premolars
First upper premolar
Second upper premolar

Lesson 14. Special teeth anatomy. Lower premolars
First lower premolar
Second lower premolar

Lesson 15. Special teeth anatomy. Lower molars
First lower molar
Second lower molar
Third lower molar

Lesson 16. Special teeth anatomy. Upper molars
First upper molar
Second upper molar
Third upper molar

Lesson 17. Prevention of dental disease. Oral hygiene

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