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Артикул NF0009852




Под ред. В.Е. Радзинского, А.М. Фукса, Ч.Г. Гагаева







5010 руб.

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The present textbook was developed in accordance with the Federal Educational Standard of the Russian Federation and syllabi for the course of Obstetrics in the USA and Great Britain. This textbook diff ers from its counterparts by its integrated approach to the contemporary knowledge system in obstetrics and perinatology. The textbook can be of use to international students studying in Russia as well as Russian students who plan to have their diplomas recognized abroad and to seek employment overseas.

The structure of the textbook, presentation of material, recourse to the international classifi cation of disease, the illustrative material, several stages of self-check tasks at the end of each section – all these features provide for a better assimilation of the material, give insight into the advantages of the training system in this country and, at the same time, preparation for certifi cation abroad.

The textbook is intended for medical students, resident medical practitioners, obstetrician-gynecologists and general practitioners.

Chapter 1. Fertilization, implantation and organogenesis

Chapter 2. Physiological changes during pregnancy

Chapter 3. Antenatal and postpartum care

Chаpter 4. Diagnostics of pregnancy. Еstimation of gestational age and expected date of delivery. Methods of examination

Chapter 5. Female pelvis in obstetrics. Fetus in labor

Chapter 6. Origins of labor onset

Chapter 7. Mechanism of labor in cephalic (vertex) presentations

Chapter 8. Clinics and management of labor in vertex presentation

Chapter 9. Obstetric anesthesia

Chapter 10. Breech presentation

Chapter 11. Physiology of postpartum period

Chapter 12. Postpartum complications

Chapter 13. Physiology of neonate

Chapter 14. Diseases of newborns

Chapter 15. Нemolytic disease of fetus and newborn

Chapter 16. Multiple pregnancy

Chapter 17. Abnormal labor

Chapter 18. Hemorrhage in obstetrics

Chapter 19. Early toxicosis – hyperemesis gravidarum

Chapter 20. Preeclampsia

Chapter 21. Miscarriage. Premature (preterm) birth

Chapter 22. Pregnancy, labor and postpartum period in women with extragenital diseases

Chapter 23. Postterm pregnancy

Chapter 24. Abnormal fetal lie and presentation

Chapter 25. Contracted pelvis

Chapter 26. Maternal obstetric trauma

Chapter 27. Operative obstetrics

Answers to tests and clinical situations


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