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Physical examination of children. Tutorial

Артикул NF0016361




Кильдиярова Р.Р., Лобанов Ю.Ф., Легонькова Т.И.







1750 руб.

В наличии

The tutorial presents the methodology of the physical examination of children of various age groups starting from history taking, general examination and anthropomorphic measurements, fi nalizing with the specifi cities of examination of various organs and systems, disclosing the issues of semiotics of their lesions. It off ers easy-to-use percentile charts to estimate the body height and mass in accord with the age and gender of children.

The abundantly illustrated order and consistency of the material presentation along with simplicity and structuring of the text signifi cantly facilitate the digestion of material for direct examination of a child at various age periods with the detection of disease symptoms.

The study guide is intended for students of medical higher educational institutions majoring in Pediatrics, Medical Care, Medical and Preventive Care, with specialization in Propedeutics of Children’s Diseases and Child Diseases. It will also be useful to resident physicians, pediatricians, and general practitioners for the preparation and taking an objective structured in-patient fi nal exam during professional accreditation.

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