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Therapeutic dentistry. Textbook

Артикул NF0018080




Янушевич О.О., Максимовский Ю.М., Максимовская Л.Н., Орехова Л.Ю.







4720 руб.

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The textbook represents all contemporary data in all main sections of therapeutic dentistry, and also describes the main stages of its development. The particular focus was on methods of patient examination in the therapeutic dental clinics. The contemporary data on etiology, pathogenesis, diagnostics, prophylaxis and methods of treatment of noncarious injuries, caries and its complications, periodontal and oral mucosa diseases was presented. The data on contemporary national and international dental filling materials, and also materials and methods used in endodontic treatment is reflected in details.

The modern technologies of dental tissue restoration and endodontic treatment are highlighted in details. The achievements over the past years in the field of diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of periodontal and oral mucosa diseases are shown. New data on principles of organization of dental room and implementation of infectious control is provided.

For students of Dentistry Departments of Medical Higher Education Institutions.

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