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First aid in case of accidents and disasters. Tutorial guide

Артикул NF0023384




Левчук И.П., Костюченко М.В.







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Tutorial guide contains the basic principles of fi rst aid in emergency situations and accidents in accordance with contemporary algorithms and recommendations of the fi eld-specifi c commission of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, guidelines of Russian and European specialized medical societies and councils. Study guide highlights nine principle topics of the subject “First aid practice in case of accidents and disasters” and module “First Aid” as a part of the subject “Life Safety in Medicine” and has been prepared in accordance with the latest changes of the Federal State Educational Standard, the manual refl ects all modern updated algorithms for first aid and basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation, contains key questions for each part as well as provisional tests for the students’ self-check. This course book can be helpful for the students taught by means of e-educational systems (including distant learning).
The tutorial guide is designed for the tertiary medical students taught in English as well as for the foreign students attending classes as a part of the Russian-speaking groups.
Besides, it can be used as complementary reading by University students, secondary medical schools students and medical-college students learning English.

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