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Pathological Anatomy. Textbook

Артикул NF0023226




Под ред. В.С. Паукова







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This textbook is a contribution by a community of experienced lecturers from the Academician A.I. Strukov Department of Pathological Anatomy, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University), among contributors there are also leading experts from other medical universities. Coverage of the main issues of general and special pathological ana tomy is based on the principle of unity between structure and function. The authors tried to show not only the morphological basis of pathological processes and diseases, but also their connection with changes in body functions, resulting in certain symptoms of diseases, as well as the dynamics of their development. This approach provides a basis for further study of all clinical disciplines.
Besides pathological anatomy, the manual describes general medical concepts, rules of writing clinical and pathoanatomic diagnoses, categories and causes of diagnostic discrepancies, etc. It helps students develop clinical thinking possible only if based on deep knowledge and understanding of objective laws that underlie pathological processes in the affected body. Thus, the study of pathological anatomy is the most important stage in training clinicians and this text meets the challenge.
The textbook is intended for students of medical, pediatric, preventive medicine and dental facul ties of medical universities.

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